Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cold Weather Is Here - Is Snow On The Way?

Regarding the recent cold snap here on the east coast, forecasters are now chiming in with what they believe the rest of the winter will hold. Up until now, this winter season has been quite mild, thanks to the effects of El Nino. However, that may be changing in the near term. Another question will be, will there be enough moisture to bring out the snow plows?

WSI chief meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford recently stated that he expects the rest of January to have “much colder eastern U.S. temperatures."

Crawford also spoke about if the colder-East pattern will let up later in January. Right now he said he is uncertain, as “upper-atmospheric blocking” - such as is forecasted for the middle of this month - often lasts longer than models suggest.

"It would not surprise us if the second half of the month was quite cold across much of the East, and there are clearly cold risks to our forecast."

With cold weather in place, all that is needed is a decent storm system to produce meaningful snowfall. When that happens, our snow plow professionals will be ready to serve local businesses and organizations here in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. We are all just waiting to see how the weather plays out!

Posted By: N/A - Sunday, 10 January, 2016 at 12:00 AM

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