Commercial Asphalt Services for an Apartment Building | Patching, Paving, Milling and Overlay Services | Line Striping |

Queenstown Apartments is a large apartment building.

Type of Business

Apartment Building

O'Leary Asphalt Services

Asphalt:  Patching, Paving, Milling, Overlay

Striping:  Line Striping

Location of Job

State: Maryland

County: Prince George’s

City: Mt. Ranier

Project Overview:

Commercial Asphalt Patching, Paving, Milling, and Overlay Services, as well as Line Striping for a large parking lot.

O’Leary Asphalt has done four large parking lots for Queenstown Apartments over the last six years.

O’Leary Asphalt provided commercial Asphalt Services for Queenstown Apartments in Mt. Ranier, Maryland.  The client needed to have a large parking lot paved, milled, and striped.