Commercial Asphalt Services for a Church| Concrete Repairs, Pipe Work, Asphalt Repairs, and Paving Markings |

St. Raphael Catholic Church in Rockville, Maryland.

Type of Business


O'Leary Asphalt Services

Asphalt:  Asphalt Repair
Concrete:  Concrete Repairs
Pipe Work, Paving Markings

Location of Job

State: Maryland

County: Montgomery

City: Rockville

Project Overview:

O’Leary Asphalt provided 2500 square feet of concrete was done at the church.  We removed and replaced at least 370 linear feet of curb & gutter, 1800 square feet of sidewalk, and had installed almost 300 square feet of new concrete sidewalk.  We also milled, patched and paved more than 3000 square yards of finish asphalt and striped the entire properly  This pavement marketing job includes 209 white lines, 14 handicap stencils with blue box, 6 handicap access aisles, 25 arrows, 1100 square feet of white hash out, 4 basketball courts and 2 four squares..